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Litecoin Mining Calculator

Hash rate: Network Difficulty:
LTC price:
Power usage: W Energy cost: USD/kWh

Profitability Analysis

Expected RewardsCostsNet Profit
24 hours4567.56933472 LTC187133.32 USD67.20 USD187066.12 USD
7 days31972.98534302 LTC1309933.21 USD470.40 USD1309462.81 USD
30 days137027.08004150 LTC5613999.47 USD2016.00 USD5611983.47 USD

Solo Mining Stats

Expected Time per Block4 min
Probability of a Block in 1 hour100.00%
Probability of a Block in 6 hours100.00%
Probability of a Block in 12 hours100.00%