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Mining Profitability Calculator

Hash rate: Litecoin difficulty:
PPS ratio: % LTC price:
Power usage: W Dogecoin difficulty:
Energy cost: USD/kWh DOGE price: USD

Profitability Analysis

The following estimates assume that the inputs above remain constant over time, as it is impossible to predict their evolution. Be advised, however, that market and network conditions change all the time. This is particularly true for Dogecoin's network difficulty, which can change drastically from one minute to the next.

Expected RewardsCostsProfit
24 hours
0.00000237 LTC
0.00909689 DOGE
0.001619 USD0.360000 USD-0.358381 USD
7 days
0.00001659 LTC
0.06367826 DOGE
0.011334 USD2.520000 USD-2.508666 USD
30 days
0.00007109 LTC
0.27290683 DOGE
0.048572 USD10.800000 USD-10.751428 USD

Solo Mining Stats

Solo mining statistics are provided for reference only. The pool rewards miners in accordance with the PPS (pay-per-share) system, and finding a block does not result in additional rewards.

Expected Time per Block2584974 days 03 hours
Probability of a Block in 7 days0.00%
Probability of a Block in 14 days0.00%
Probability of a Block in 30 days0.00%
Probability of a Block in 365 days0.01%