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Two Years of – Let's Celebrate!

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2013-11-05 15:30 UTC (10 years ago)

Today our pool turns 2 years old! To celebrate this significant milestone, we have decided to give our miners the unique opportunity to become a part of Litecoin history. How? By leaving a message in the block chain! The block chain is a database containing all Litecoin blocks, and all computers running the official Litecoin client keep a full copy of it. Thus, if you insert a message in a block, your message will be broadcast over the Litecoin peer-to-peer network, and permanently stored on thousands of computers all around the world!

This is of course not easy to accomplish, otherwise anybody could spam the block chain and make it unusable. Solo miners and pools, however, do get a chance to include an arbitrary short string of text in the blocks they find, as part of the so-called coinbase transaction.

The idea is simple: submit your message, and get an opportunity to have it engraved in a block. You have two weeks to come up with something witty or profound (but personal messages are fine too!), after which time 10 lucky winners will be drawn at random from all the entries received. All pool members who have mined with us for at least one month can participate, and all will have the same chance of winning.

That's it. We wanted to find some original way to celebrate our anniversary as a community, and we hope you'll like our idea! If you don't, we hope you'll at least enjoy the new worker statistics we recently introduced, as well as the enhanced hash rate estimation algorithm for workers, which can be up to four times more precise than before. Not to mention the new graphs, the improved profitability calculator and the expanded API!

And now, let's get back to mining! :-)

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