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Merged Mining Report and News

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2014-10-24 21:08 UTC (9 years ago)

It's been 6 weeks since we started merged-mining Dogecoin alongside Litecoin, and it's been working out great!

Dogecoin Report

Since Dogecoin introduced AuxPoW support, quite a few things have happened. As it was expected, the mining profitability of Dogecoin has been rather volatile, going from 25% the profitability of Litecoin up to a peak of 40% at the end of September. October, on the other hand, has seen the profitability of Dogecoin decrease considerably due to the decline of the market price (from 0.001 Ł to 0.0006 Ł) and to the block halving (from 62,500 Ð to 31,250 Ð) that took place last week. These two important factors have driven the profitability of Dogecoin down to about 10% that of Litecoin.

Pool Performance

We are very satisfied with the recent performance of our pool: in the last 30 days we averaged a 118.2% PPS ratio, outperforming even the leading profit-switching scrypt pool, which only averaged 114% of Litecoin's profitability. Let us reiterate that does not do profit-based switching, as this technique is bad for the security of the Litecoin network (and is not even guaranteed to increase profits, as you can see).

More than just Litecoin and Dogecoin

We are pleased to announce that we are now boosting the PPS ratio up to 118% thanks to the introduction of Umbrella-LTC to our array of merged-mined cryptocurrencies.

As promised before, we will keep monitoring the expected profitability of merged mining and adjust our PPS ratio accordingly, to always provide miners a competitive share price.

Update (2014-10-30): We are adjusting the PPS ratio down to 110% because of a strong correction in the Umbrella-LTC market. The good news is that we are still offering the best rate of all Litecoin pools! :)

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