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Last Dogecoin block subsidy halving

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2015-02-25 17:15 UTC (9 years ago)

The block subsidy for Dogecoin just went down from 15,625 Ð to 10,000 Ð, as the blockchain hit height 600,000. The Dogecoin development team has stated that this will be the last halving: from now on, Dogecoin blocks will always have a fixed subsidy of 10,000 dogecoins.

Because of this, the pool's PPS ratio has been lowered from 105% to 103%. This is still an extremely competitive share price, which we can only afford thanks to merged mining. In addition to Dogecoin, we are currently mining Viacoin, Syscoin, Pesetacoin, Huntercoin, Umbrella-LTC and Greencoin.

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