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Happy 4th Birthday,!

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2015-11-05 13:30 UTC (9 years ago)

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the official launch of Times have changed a lot since Litecoin's beginnings, and we are happy to still be an active part of its ecosystem by helping miners in their mission to keep the blockchain and its transaction system secure. And while most major mining operations may have moved to China, we still enjoy the prestigious honor of being “the Fastest Pool in the West” (literally!).

Did you know that in these 4 years our miners have computed over 3.7 exahashes? That is almost 4 billion billion, or 4 quintillion, hashes. If all these hashes were written down on credit-card-sized pieces of paper and were laid end-to-end, they would cover a distance of about 34 light years, which means they could go back and forth between the Earth and Proxima Centauri 4 times. Now think that back when Litecoin was launched, a good miner could only do maybe 30 kH/s. It would have taken this miner about 4 million years to compute all these hashes alone! A 700 kH/s GPU miner would “only” have needed 170,000 years, and a modern 300 MH/s ASIC “just” 400 years. Times really have changed!

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