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Security Notice

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2016-07-07 13:04 UTC (8 years ago)

We would like to inform miners that we're seeing an increase in attempts to gain unauthorized access to user accounts. The attackers are probably trying to exploit password weakness and password reuse, especially in the light of the many recent breaches in other websites which have granted hackers access to large collections of account data.

We here at are committed to protecting the security of our users. We have already received a few reports of hacked accounts, and for this reason we encourage all users to change their account password and to take advantage of two-factor authentication. For optimal security, 2FA users should also remember to periodically reset their secret key by disabling and immediately re-enabling two-factor authentication.

As an additional measure against the possibility of unauthorized account access, we have decided to set a new rule for payouts. Starting today, whenever your payout address is changed, all payouts are suspended for 24 hours, so that if the change was fraudulent you have the time to regain access to your account and to rectify it. An email is of course also sent to you whenever an address change occurs. We apologize for the inconvenience this limitation may cause to some users, but please understand that this is for your own safety.

If you have reason to believe that your account was compromised, you should reset your password as soon as possible, and make sure that your registered payout address is correct. Then, please notify us by email so that we can take further measures on our end.

Finally, please make sure that you never use your pool account for the long-term storage of coins. Besides being a bad security practice, this is against our Terms of Service.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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