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Seven Years of

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2018-11-05 13:57 UTC (5 years ago)

Today we are celebrating's seventh birthday! As some of you may remember, the pool was officially launched on November 5, 2011, just three weeks after the Litecoin network went live (by the way: Happy 7th Anniversary, Litecoin!).

Now for some geeky stats! During this past year our miners have computed over 1.1 × 1021 hashes. That's over 1 sextillion, or 1 thousand million million million, hashes, and it's over 30 times what we mined during our first 6 years of operation. Numbers that big are hard to grasp. Just think that all the world's beaches combined have been estimated to hold roughly 1021 grains of sand. If a modern gaming PC were to compute that many hashes alone, it would take it about 30 million years!

To all the miners who enjoy (or have enjoyed) mining with us, we'd like to say a big thank you! Here's to the next year and the future of Litecoin!

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