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Ten Years of Litecoin and

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2021-11-05 14:00 UTC (3 years ago)

Today marks an important milestone for, as we celebrate our tenth anniversary! As some of you may remember, the pool was officially launched on November 5, 2011, just three weeks after the Litecoin network went live.

A lot has changed since the early days of crypto. Many projects have come and gone, but one thing is undeniable: Litecoin is still very much alive and kicking! Litecoin creator Charlie Lee recently posted a very interesting series of tweets on the history of Litecoin seen from his perspective, which you should definitely check out. You can also watch the interview he gave just yesterday at the LA Blockchain Summit, which is followed by a presentation by David Burkett on MWEB and the future of Litecoin development.

Litecoin mining has grown considerably over this past year. The network's hash rate has practically doubled, and a few new ASIC miners have made their debut on the market. As for our pool, the number of active users has more than tripled, and we recently passed the 4-zettahash (4×1021 hashes) mark for all-time computed hashes. It is hard to make sense of such colossal numbers, but just think that the total amount of data on the World Wide Web was estimated at about 4 zettabit in 2009, the year Bitcoin was launched.

To all the miners who enjoy (or have enjoyed) mining with us, we'd like to say a big thank you! Here's to the next year and the future of Litecoin!

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