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Hash Rate Distribution

Coinotron47,467.9 MH/s
WeMineLTC28,460.8 MH/s
LiteGuardian14,304.7 MH/s
LitecoinPool.org9,419.7 MH/s
Give Me Coins9,396.5 MH/s
LTCRabbit.com4,815.0 MH/s
Multipool3,049.1 MH/s
Hypernova1,859.5 MH/s
P2Pool1,607.7 MH/s
CoinHuntr639.7 MH/s
Pool-X.eu591.5 MH/s
HashFaster555.2 MH/s
ltcp.net358.9 MH/s
LitecoinRain297.3 MH/s
MuPool.com284.3 MH/s
Crypto Coin Pool124.7 MH/s
ChompTheBit114.2 MH/s
Netcode Pool73.0 MH/s
ltcbox.net68.4 MH/s
Mining4All66.0 MH/s
WeLoveLTC58.4 MH/s
mxpool.com51.2 MH/s
OzCoin23.3 MH/s
Cryptoworld.eu12.4 MH/s
Litepool.eu8.3 MH/s
CoinRelay7.6 MH/s
MiningPool.nl7.3 MH/s
LiteBonk5.4 MH/s
burnside's Pool5.2 MH/s
coin@2.3 MH/s
HashAddicts.net1.9 MH/s
Mining Foreman0.6 MH/s
Unknown24,086.1 MH/s
Total147,823.9 MH/s

Comparison of Mining Pools

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is “Unknown”?
The “Unknown” portion includes solo miners, private pools and public pools whose stats are currently unavailable.
How accurate is this data?
Not very accurate. The global hash rate can only be estimated based on the rate at which blocks are solved, and can therefore take hours to reflect actual speed variations. The hash rates of the pools are provided by the pools themselves, and there is no way to verify whether their estimates are correct.
What is the difference between speed and hash rate?
In this context, they are the same thing.
“Unknown” has just doubled its speed! Is someone attacking the network?
Usually when people ask that it's because some pool is temporarily down and its stats are unavailable. Since the total hash rate estimate takes hours to reflect speed changes, and the speed of unknown miners is computed by subtracting the hash rates of all the known pools from the total, the network share of the unavailable pool increments the “Unknown” portion of the chart.
Isn't there a better way of estimating the speed of unknown miners?
No, computing it as a difference is the only possible way.
The total pool speed exceeds the network hash rate! Is some pool lying?
Not necessarily. The network hash rate is estimated using a 5-hour average, while pools can estimate their speeds based on just the past few minutes. (Pools can do that because shares are solved much more frequently than blocks.) Since the two estimates are not based on the same time period, it may well happen that the sum of the hashrates of the pools exceeds the estimated network speed. Usually when this happens the network is growing.