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Two Years of – The Winners

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2013-11-21 15:50 UTC (11 years ago)

Thanks to all the miners who participated in our initiative to celebrate the second anniversary of! As promised, 10 winners have been drawn, and their messages have been engraved in the block chain. Here they are:

463562I can almost see my house from up here
463572Iris my daughter I love you to eternity and back
463576To my future self: Stay strong, reach your dream.
4636002013.11.08 is our 5th wedding anniversary. I love you forever!
463612Remember, be nice to your mum!
463623My dear brother Branimir, I'm so sorry you left Earth before LTC came!!!
463624Ich liebe ein baerchen.
463657Dalibor Calic je bio ovde :)
463711Don't look back! Don't look to the future! Look at now and feel good! DM
In addition to the 10 randomly-selected messages above, we picked the following messages as honorable mentions:
464082a lite in the dark, a pool in the desert
464107In Cryptography We Trust
464131The only good chains are blockchains!
464135If at first you don't succeed, mine, mine again
464162All your coin are belong to us

All 15 messages are now permanently engraved in the Litecoin block chain, and stored on every computer running the official Litecoin client!

The messages have been prefixed with the string /LP^2/, so on Linux you can display them with the following one-liner:

grep -ao /LP^2/.\*/ ~/.litecoin/blocks/blk00011.dat

Alternatively, you can use an online block explorer to display a hex-encoded version of each message. Click on the first transaction of the block, then on the “Raw transaction” link: the message is located in the “raw_scriptSig” field. You can use a tool to convert the hexadecimal string to ASCII text.

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