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SegWit Signaling: How's It Going?

Warning: This post is very old, and may contain outdated information.

2017-02-05 10:24 UTC (7 years ago)

SegWit signaling successfully started two days ago, on February 3 at about 9:33 UTC. So far, adoption has been low (about 3%), mainly because only 3 pools (Coinotron,, and Multipool) are signaling. Judging from block headers, most pools haven't yet upgraded to the latest version of Litecoin, which is needed for SegWit signaling. With the exception of LTC1BTC, however, none has shown hostility to the SegWit soft fork, so there's reason to believe that this upgrade will be eventually carried out.

Here are the most recent results of our internal SegWit support vote: so far, 237 of our miners have expressed their preference. By hash rate, 22.7% have voted Yes, while 1.6% have voted No. The large majority of active miners is still abstaining.

Update (2017-02-10): 251 votes so far. By hash rate, 22.0% Yes, 1.6% No.

We've noticed that there has been some confusion about the meaning and workings of our SegWit support vote, so we think some clarification is in order.

We will keep posting updates on the evolution of the vote on this page. Remember that you can check current network adoption on our Network Hash Rate Distribution page, where you can also see detailed block information.

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