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Pool Miners' SegWit Vote: the First Results

Warning: This post is very old, and may contain outdated information.

2017-01-30 23:27 UTC (7 years ago)

Update (2017-02-05): See here for the latest data.

As promised, here are the first results of our SegWit support vote! So far, 106 of our miners have expressed their preference. By hash rate, 16.3% have voted Yes, while 0.3% have voted No. The large majority of active miners, however, have not yet voted or are abstaining.

Update (2017-02-03): 196 votes so far. By hash rate, 21.5% Yes, 0.4% No.

As previously announced, for the first few weeks we'll probably consider abstentions as non-readiness votes. In practice, this means that for the time being we'll be able to start signaling SegWit support with at least 21% of our blocks. The actual percentage will however be updated constantly, based on each miner's vote and hash rate.

We will of course post updates on the evolution of the vote. Meanwhile, we have also updated our Network Hash Rate Distribution page to show which blocks will be signaling SegWit support with their version bits. Block 1,145,088 will mark the start of the soft fork signaling period.

Update (2017-01-31): We have sent out emails to notify all active miners who haven't expressed their preference.

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